Durable Rubber Tile Flooring

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An unexpected solution for homes in need of comfort and durability, rubber tile flooring is a great option for many of our customers. It is often used for high traffic areas and commercial uses, but with so many new styles and colors available, it is beginning to appear in residences as well. If you are shopping for a great deal on rubber tile flooring products and services in Searcy, you can find everything you need at White River Flooring. There is no more hunting through home improvement magazines for the best prices with our affordable renovation rates on your favorite products and services. Your home will look better than ever with help from our experienced installers and quality rubber tile materials. Great customer service makes it easy for your questions to be answered right away when an expert opinion counts. Contacting us is easy, too, with consultants there to speak with you by phone or on the web. When you need to make your home more efficient and beautiful, we are there to make it possible and affordable. How Rubber Can Benefit Your Home One of the great things about rubber tile flooring is its versatility. This type of material has been used in a wide variety of applications, from playground floors to shopping malls. Now, with high fashion designs and more adaptable colors, homeowners have begun to consider this product for their homes. But what sets rubber tile flooring apart from the more familiar staples on the market? Consider these benefits as you begin shopping:

  • Softness: As one might expect, rubber tile is inherently softer than materials like natural stone or hardwood. This effect comes from rubber’s natural “give” and flexibility, which creates a more springy resistance when the surface is impacted. Many retail stores have begun using it because it offers a stability and comfort for tired employees who have to stay on their feet all day. Imagine how it will feel after a long day at work to come home to a supportive floor that will help alleviate your aches and pains! Rubber’s yielding surface is also a great way to ensure safety for young children or the elderly, as it offers a softer place to land in case of an accidental fall or more support for sore joints.
  • Fire Resistant: If safety is your number one priority, you’ll be glad to know that rubber is also resistant to flames and heat! A dropped cigarette butt won’t cause damage in the same way that it would on carpet, and rubber will not light up the way that hardwood might. This makes rubber a great product for kitchens, where dropping hot pots might be a source of worry. In the event of a house fire, it will not release toxic fumes, as it is not manufactured with toxic chemicals.
  • Low Maintenance: Sometimes, cleaning can be time consuming. If you have a busy schedule between work, taking care of your family, and trying to have leisure time, cleaning can be a hassle. Luckily, rubber flooring is relatively easy to care for. The surface of this material can usually be sanitized with little more than a mild detergent and warm clean water. It does not need resealing, sanding or shampooing, which can save you money in the long run. Bear in mind that if you are worried about staining due to unruly houseguests or pet accidents, synthetic rubber is generally more stain resistant than natural rubber.
  • Water Resistant: Rubber flooring can be a good choice if you live in a humid environment or if it will be placed in a space where contact with water is expected. It is nonporous so it does not soak up water or spills that might damage other kinds of flooring. For example, you can place this material in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. It can even be put in a basement, as long as it is installed with the proper backing to prevent damaging moisture seeping up from the bottom.
  • Sound Resistant: If you live in a home with a musician, or just want to have more privacy, rubber is a great way to make your home quieter. It does not have the hollow knocking of some flooring materials and stops sound from traveling.
  • Longevity: Unsurprisingly, rubber is considered one of the most durable materials on the market. But it is also one of the longest lasting types of flooring available! With proper installation and routine maintenance, you can expect your rubber tile flooring to last for up to twenty years or more. This makes it a great money-saving investment despite this product having a slightly higher cost initially. You can enjoy worry-free times and less maintenance costs throughout its lifespan.
  • Stylish: Last, but certainly not least, rubber is now available in a wide spectrum of gorgeous colors and prints. Where the choices used to be largely limited to gray or black, now there are almost as many colors to choose from as you can think of! Patterns can be created with different colored marbling or flecks of various colors to imitate natural stone, or solid colors can be used in matte or polished styles. You can also choose from a number of different textures, from raised dimples and studs to a wood-like grain. If you are worried about slippage, the texture can also provide more safety with additional traction. These great options makes rubber tile flooring easy to adapt to a variety of designs while still getting the great benefits you love.

Finding the perfect flooring for your home doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. You can find amazing solutions for your home’s needs at competitive prices every day, with your satisfaction in our products and installation work guaranteed. Choose the higher standard and spend less time worrying about how to pull your renovation project together by leaving it to the experts. When you are shopping for rubber tile flooring in Searcy, the best place to go is White River Flooring. For more information or an in-home consultation, call (501) 593-4994 or email a consultant at company@whiteriverflooring.com today!