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How to Make Design Decisions for Your Home with the Help of a Design Consultation

Renovating your house can be one of the most exciting, yet stressful things you do. There are so many decisions to make, which is why getting advice from a design consultant can really help. Choosing colors that look good together and styles that will still be stylish five years from now can make anyone nervous. Texture of flooring and furniture should be considered. Before these decisions become overwhelming, call White River Flooring. We have design consultants who will guide you through the entire process.We are here to take the STRESS out of REMODELING.

The first thing we will want to do is meet with you and discuss your project. This is called the design consultation. It helps our design consultants if they can meet in your home. That way they can see how you live, What behavior do you allow in your home? What is your overall style?

Many people are embarrassed about the way the house looks. Don't worry about that. If it didn't look the way it looks, you wouldn't be renovating it. Our design consultants need to know how your home functions so they can plan properly. A well designed room should not only look good, but serve the needs of the owners.

Speak with a Design Consultation

Our design consultants will discuss obvious things like color and type of flooring. They will probably pick up on some things you hadn't thought about. How much foot traffic will the flooring receive? If the room is one the family utilizes every day, they might suggest a low maintenance laminate floor that cleans easily with a damp mop. If it is a home-office where clients will be escorted and expect to be wowed, they might suggest a plush carpet or oriental rug. They will also discuss which padding will be appropriate for the carpet you choose. The right padding can add years to the life of your carpet.

Our design consultants will speak to you about storage. If there is not adequate storage in the room, it will not stay neat and tidy. They will suggest some stylish storage options that will enhance the beauty of your room.

After the Design Consultation

After you and the design consultant have made your decisions, it is time for installation. White River Flooring installers are certified and very skilled. They'll complete your project quickly and efficiently. Your home will be left neat and clean. They won't leave until you're satisfied with the job.

Why White River Flooring?

We've been dedicated to serving the community of Searcy since October 2000. Our many awards are proof of our commitment to pleasing our customers. Our reviews are proof that we are pleasing our customers. We won't quit until you are happy with the project. Call (504)593-4994 for an appointment.