Cork Flooring

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For those who seek a floor that is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious, White River Flooring in Searcy, Arkansas offers a grand selection of Cork flooring products, services, and other alternative flooring materials. We are committed to supplying a green alternative that is Earth friendly without sacrificing the style or quality that you desire.

Beautiful and versatile, all-natural cork flooring is not only energy and water-efficient, but also non toxic and crafted with sustainable materials. Cork floors are a by-product from Cork Oak produced by collecting the top layer of bark every nine to ten years from an undamaged, living tree. Cork floors can be shaped to fit in any area, can come in both tiles and planks, and can be installed with or without glue. Using today's manufacturing techniques, cork floors can even be altered to look similar to hardwood or finished to retain its own natural look.

Unlike hardwood flooring, these floors can easily withstand moisture and everyday wear and tear. This type of flooring has the stylishness of traditional tile floors, the resilience of vinyl floors, and the beauty of hardwood floors, all with a smaller impact on the environment. Adding an exotic, Bohemian flair, these floors are a suitable addition to any modern home or professional space and can accommodate any lifestyle. Our team of experienced craftsmen can install your new cork flooring for you, or we can provide the necessary tools and products you need to install it yourself.

Best of all, this flooring requires minimal maintenance beyond occasional cleaning and can fit well into virtually any budget plan. We are glad to offer professional advice, simple financing, quality products and services, and the widest selection of cork flooring in Searcy, Arkansas. Visit White River Flooring and explore the benefits that eco-friendly cork flooring can offer for you and your home.